Let’s build something different

Why start a remodeling business? There are certainly enough of them out there already. But we just couldn’t get rid of a nagging feeling. The feeling that we have something significant to offer. That we have a better way. That we’d never be content until we tried. So we started JA & Company. Sure, we could have spent the rest of our careers working for someone else. A steady paycheck and comfortable hours are not all bad. But that little voice wouldn’t shut up. So we gathered the most talented people we know and hung a shingle. A perfectly designed, precisely crafted shingle, mind you. Our path? Cut overhead, pour ourselves into each project, and build a strong brand by offering clients the highest level of design, management and craftsmanship possible.

Our process is different. Expect a lot of face-to-face meetings. But even when we can’t be there, we stay closely connected utilizing innovative online tools. We’re always reachable. You can also expect potent solutions that are the result of two very creative, yet divergent design minds attacking the same problem from sometimes different perspectives. We’ve won numerous prestigious awards in our combined 35+ years. But the greatest victory is client satisfaction. That’s the trophy we really want on our mantles.